Please refer to below faq listing which are prepared to answer your most queries, however if you still looking for more information then drop us an email at info@punemarathon.org


Q.      What is the name of the event?

33rd Pune International Marathon 2018

Q.      When it will be held?

Sunday, 2nd December 2018 from 5:30am onwards

Q.      Which races will be organised?

Q.     What are the entry fees?

  • Men Marathon – Rs. 2000
  • Women Marathon- Rs. 2000
  • Women Half Marathon - Rs. 1500
  • Men Half Marathon - Rs. 1500
  • Women 10K Run - Rs. 1200
  • Men 10k Run - Rs. 1200
  • Women 5K Run - Rs. 1000
  • Men 5k Run - Rs. 1000
  • Run for Pune - Rs. 500

Q.      How old must I be to enter?

You must be at least 18 years old (born on or before 2nd December 2000) to participate in the Marathon and 16 years old (born on or before 3rd December 2002) to participate in the Half Marathon and 12 years old (born on or before 3rd December 2006) to participate in the 10K Run.

Q.      When we will receive BIB number and race day kit?

All participants must pick up their own race materials. Photo I.D. is required. Race materials will not be mailed. Only, in emergency situations where participant cannot attend Expo then he/she can nominate someone to collect on their behalf by informing us in advance by email with details of the person picking on their behalf.

Q.      What is the route? Is it certified?

33rd Pune International Marathon race will be held under the aegis of Athletics Federation of India as per IAAF road running rules and its route is measured and certified by IAAF Route measurer.

Q.      Where will it start and finish?

All races will start from Thakre Kaladan on Sarabaug Road and Finish inside Sanas Ground.

Q.      What time races will start?

  • 05:30am - Men and Women Marathon (42.195km)
  • 05:30am - Women Half Marathon (21.097km)
  • 05:40am - Men Half Marathon ( 21.097km)
  • 05:50am - Women 10K Run (10km)
  • 05:50am - Men 10k Run (10km)
  • 06:00am - Women 5K Run (5km)
  • 06:00am - Men 5k Run (5km)
  • 08:10am - Run for Pune (3.5km)

Note: Start timing is subject to change

Q.      Is there any cash award for winners?

Yes, 33rd Pune International Marathon 2018 is offering cash award of over 30 lacs for winners. Detailed information will be updated in due course.

Q.      Who is the organiser and their contact Details?

Pune International Marathon Trust

Marathon Bhavan, near MitraMandal Colony

Pravati- Pune 411009

Telephone: +91-20-24428360

Email- info@punemarathon.org

Pune International Marathon Trust

Marathon Bhavan, Near Mitra Mandal Colony, Parvati,

Pune - 411 009

Tel: +91-20-24428360/90

Email: info@punemarathon.org